Things Worth Remembering


So recently I’ve begun paying attention to the ramblings of my five and six year old. Lately they’ve been drawing sketches and thrusting them under my nose while hurriedly explaining to me the meaning behind them. At first I just commended them and sent them off on their way without paying much attention beyond that (yes I know, bad Mommy), but one day I gave my son my full attention and began writing the stories he was spinning each time he brought me a picture he’d drawn. He began numbering them as we went and I was amused and impressed by what he was coming up with. I shared the first couple of pages on my blog but I didn’t want it to end up overwhelming it with his stories, which is a possibility because he’s rather prolific. 

This will actually be a collection of both my son and daughter’s writing. Her’s is surprisingly non-fictional. In general I never suggest possible plots or directions for their stories to go. The only exception is the first time I began copying my daughter’s stories. She wanted to write one about her and her brother as babies but refused to deviate from “what actually happened.” She had me write that they peed, and pooped, and cried. And when I suggested perhaps they had some kind of adventure, or that they could talk to each other because this is a story and you can do anything, she corrected me that babies do not go on adventures and they do not talk. I’ve since learned my lesson, I will simply record what they say and see where their imagination takes us. 

I wracked my brains for a fitting blog title for them, I enlisted the help of my Mom, but in the end I got the name for it from a surprising place. I’ve been dealing with anxiety problems and the workbook for the program I’m going through had a suggestion for this week, which was to buy a blank notebook as a journal and title it “Things Worth Remembering.” Maybe it’s kinda generic but I still feel like it fits. Anyway, this is what it’s all about and I hope you enjoy!



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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. I look forward to reading what you post. It’s funny that Reina is so factual in her story telling. So different from how I started writing. ^_^

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